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CNC Center cleaning machine

Offer Details
Offer Type: Sell
Subject: CNC Center cleaning machine
Offer Details:
SQJB-CNC-120 EXW-factory : USD6549.93/set
1 For cleaning PVC profile weeding seam .
2 Doable -axis control systme
3 Cleaning the up/button surface and the external conner
4 High processing precision due to size error compenstion function .
5 Can store many programes for various profile processing .
Contact:maxcut.kelly at
1 Input power :1.5kw
2 Power supply: 380V/50Hz
3 Working pressure :0.4-0.7Mpa
4 Motor rotary speed :2800r/min
5 Air consumption: 80L/min
6 Cutting width :20-100mm
7 Cutting height:20-150mm
8 Drawing groove width:0.3mm
9 Overall dimension:1600x880x1650mm
10 Weight:600kg
Contact person:
mail:maxcut.kelly at gmail doc com
Phone:+86 -186 6014 2857

Contact Information
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